4-H Clover Sales & JMG Bake Sale

04:00 pm - 10/09/2015

@ Sevier County TN Homeschool 4-H Club

752 Old Knoxville Hwy
Sevierville TN  37862

We were given a great opportunity by Mr. Turner to partner with this fall's 4-H Clover Sales at Tractor Supply. Some of you may have helped with this before, but this year we have an even better reason to help. The Clover Sales at Tractor Supply is given to our local 4-H. It is a great fundraiser and is also a great way to earn some 4-H service hours. Rather than just standing there asking for folks to purchase a clover (a paper clover that hangs in the store) 4-H likes to encourage interaction, whether have some sort of exhibit or activity.

With that said, Mr. Turner offered JMG the opportunity to have some time at Tractor Supply (Sevierville and/or Seymour) to do this, with the option to raise our own money. This is such a great opportunity for many reasons. We can help 4-H earn money, help JMG earn money, make our community aware of JMG (and what we do), and earn your own service hours. If you are a high school student and planning to attend the November 4-H All Star this will also count toward your time to earn money to pay for that.

So we have jumped on this chance given us and going to make the best of it! We need your help in a couple of ways. See all the details below to decided how you can help.

JMG Tent at Tractor Supply. We will be asking shoppers to purchase 4-H clovers to support the organization, have a bake sale with proceeds going to our JMG club, providing a hands on activity for kids visiting with us, set up an exhibit of our JMG club, and giving out FREE seeds to anyone who takes home a baked good.

-Friday, October 9 4:00pm to 8:00pm - Sevierville Tractor Supply
-Saturday, October 10 9:00am to 8:00pm - Seymour Tractor Supply

How you can help:
-Bake items - We need you to bake something for us to sale on these two above dates. Please no large entire cakes
or pies, pieces or mini pies or cakes are welcome. Items need to be individually wrapped in plastic wrap or in clear
ziplock bags. Cookies can be individual if large or several together if small. Bake as much as you like! We are going
to need a lot. Homemade items only. No store bought items.
-Volunteer your time to come and help us out during the times above.

How to sign up:
-Please email Olivia & Tammie at shallywag@yahoo.com or call at 865-604-4829 to let us know the hours you are
willing to work and what you plan to bake.
-If you commit to bake, please come through as we will be depending on your items.
-If you commit to work, PLEASE SHOW UP! You are needed.

-Sign up by Oct. 5 to bake and/or work.
-Baked items
-If working the bake sale you can bring for your assigned work time.
-If not working, please drop at the extension office by Friday, October 9 2:00pm.

-Share with friends and family to come visit us when we are there and help support both groups. There will be a post on
Facebook you are welcome to share on your page.

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