Dustbowl Recording

940 Blackstock Ave
Knoxville TN  37921

Phone: (914) 475-7702

Dustbowl Recording

We offer extremely affordable rates so bands on tight budgets can also get quality recordings.

Josh Petrone - owner and operator of the studio - has been a touring sound engineer for the past 12 years. Touring with bands such as: 10 Years, CKY, Hatebreed, Nonpoint, Saving Abel, Arch Enemy, We Are The Fallen, and many others.

Live Room: 1030 Sq Ft w/ 16' ceilings
Control Room: 310 Sq Ft
Iso Room: 220 Sq Ft

*Studiomaster Mixdown 24 channel / 8 bus analog console w/ external power supply (24 analog preamps)
*MOTU 24IO - 96KHz 24 channel AD / DA converter
* (2) DBX 160A compressors
* Universal Audio 710 Preamp
* Universal Audio LA-610 preamp / compressor
* Vintech Dual 72 (Neve 2 channel preamp clone)
* Mac Pro Tower - 2.8Ghz / 14 Gigs of RAM / SSD
* (2) Behringer X32 (for monitoring and redundant recording.
* (2) Midas DL16 - 32 channels of Midas preamps
* Event 20/20 monitors
**other outboard available upon request

* Protools 10
* Waves Platinum Bundle
* Slate Virtual Mix Rack
* Slate Virtual Tape Machines
* Addictive Keys

* (2) Shure KSM32
* (2) Rode NT1A
* (2) Shure Beta 81
* (3) Shure SM57
* (1) Shure Beta 58
* (2) Shure SM58
* (2) Shure Beta 91
* (1) Sennheiser e902
* (4) Audio Technica ATM25
* (1) Oktava MK219
* (1) AKG C2000b
* (2) Shure Beta 57
* (2) Heil PR31
* (1) Marshall MXL 860 Ribbon
* (1) Shure Beta 52
* other mics available upon request

Rogers 20" kick drum (1970)
Ludwig 14" Snare (1957)
Ludgwig 13" Rack tom (1970s)
Tama 16" Floor Tom (1990s)

Fender Bassman 70 head
15 Watt handwired tube amp
*other amps available upon request

Located on the 3rd floor above The Concourse in The International Complex, Dustbowl Recording offers a comfortable and relaxed environment to record music.

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