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I teach Yoga and Body Definition.
Tone Your Body and Center Yourself.

Shortcuts to Sculpt Your Body Fast!
Work Out Smarter, Not Harder!
Body Definition!

There are some people who just seem to have “That Touch”. Everything they touch turns to “Gold”.
The expression….Work Smarter Not Harder… or the expression, Don’t Work For Money, Let Your Money Work For You.

And my friends constantly remind me that I am working TOO HARD.
Well Perhaps. Then there are those who seem to remind us when we are making a complete mess of everything. Some things that seem easy to our friends can be very hard for us, or next to impossible..

But this Mantra…Work Smarter Not Harder…..applies to our Workout Routine as much as it applies to other Challenges or Successes in life.

There are No Shortcuts to Getting or Staying Fit. A Healthy Lifestyle takes Perseverance and Consistency and Yes….Work.. Dedication

But have you stopped to ask yourself if you are working harder and harder and getting no results?
Are you working Harder not Smarter? After all, who wants to Waste Our Energy and Sweat in a Pursuit of Fitness Without Results?
We want to get the Absolute best Results out of Every Workout.

Here are five ways to Exercise Smarter Not Harder,
to Get the Results You Want Without Spending More Time Without Results.

1. Tackle Weight Lifting at a 2-4 Tempo.

There's more to strength training than moving the weights around or should I say….throwing the weights around . The speed at which you lift and lower those weights is very important if you want to get the most out of your workout.
For best results, follow the “2-4 count” during resistance training. Spend two full seconds in the concentric phase of an exercise (typically the phase when you lift the weight up); during the eccentric phase (usually the phase when you return the weight to its start position), take twice as much time—four full seconds. Most people do not even consider the negative. They tend to Swing or Throw the weight up and then let it fall down. Actually this puts added strain on the muscle.
Very Ineffective Workout Method.
Research shows that exercisers who lower the weight in this slow, controlled manner gain nearly twice the strength as those who do not take as much time.
In Body Definition we Vary the Timing of our Reps Consistently for the Best Results.

2. Introduce Interval Training.

Most of us are guilty of logging a lot of mindless miles at the gym. We get on a piece of cardio equipment, set the level and time, and zone out on autopilot. If you really want to get the most out of your time, mix in some INTERVAL TRAINING to boost your calorie burn. Many studies, including those published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, have found that including several short bursts improve fitness and burn fat more quickly than working out at one steady moderate pace.
In Body Definition, we are Consistently Changing our Pace from Fast to Slow. This offers a Challenge for the Muscles and Keeps You From Getting Bored. And may I remind you, If You are getting Bored, Your Muscles Probably are TOO. Muscles that have Adapted to a Weight Level or Program Do Not Grow.

3. Switch to Super-sets for Super Gains.

I am convinced, that the more time one spends in the gym, the more the intensity of their workout goes down. One way to maximize your time and get better results is by using super sets. To do a super set, pick a muscle group (we'll use chest as an example) and then do three (or more) different exercises for that muscle group, back to back, without resting.
This is what we do in Body Definition. A Constant Super-Setting of Each and Every Muscle Group at Every Workout….and... All In One Hour…While You Are Getting In Your Cardio Also. How is that for A Great Workout?
For example, do a set of bench presses, following by a dumbbell chest fly and finish with a round of pushups. In a matter of minutes, you've blasted your chest and are ready to move on to your next muscle group.

Does this sound familiar to you who are doing Body Definition with Me at the Exercise Studio?
Supersets will not just cut your workout time in half, but they're guaranteed to keep intensity levels high for maximum results!
Working Smarter Not Harder.

4. Turn up the tunes.

Music does more than motivate. Research shows it can Improve Your Workout, too. One such study from the Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research investigated whether music had any measurable effect on the strength-training performance of 17 physically fit men and women. The verdict? Music Improved Performance Dramatically among study participants! Does this sound familiar? In Body Definition, I Change the Music Every Month….And the Complete Routine Changes As Well because the Routine is Designed With the Music.
You Don’t Have Time To Get Bored.
Neither Do Your Muscles.
Muscles have very Good Memory. They get Used to A Routine Very Quickly. In Order to Grow, You MUST Vary and Challenge Your Routine.

I use Music that get your blood pumping and your spirits high. This is also a good way to get motivated for your workout!
Good Music …… Not Acid Rock…… Music with a good beat that changes often so that your reps can change with the music. {Hard Rock Music Actually Does Much To Damage Your Body Development and Attitude}
In Body Definition every Rep is Designed to Co-ordinate With The Music.

5. Never neglect good nutrition.

It's easy to focus Only on Your Workout when you're trying to Burn Calories, Build Muscle and Reshape Your Body.
But working out is only One Part of the equation; what you eat (and drink) before and after your exercise session is also important.
Before your workout, make sure you're well hydrated.
And have water handy during your workout. I Supply Water, Free in Fridge for All Of My Clients.
Nearly every study available Conclusively shows that Exercising when Dehydrated Will Impair Your Performance.
And Remember, Before your workout have a Small snack. Make sure to refuel your muscles (to prepare them for future workouts) by eating foods that NOURISH Your Body Completely. I recommend Super Food. It feeds and nourishes your body at the Cellular Level….so you do not have cravings. Normally, we Crave…Eat Junk….Crave….Eat Junk …and Continue to Crave. Vicious Cycle… When you feed your Body with
Super Food, You do not Crave…because you have Totally Nourished Your Body Even To The Cellular Level.

Studies show that the Right Post-workout Meal (or snack) will Replenish Your Glycogen Stores More Quickly and Shorten Recovery Time—two factors that can Help You Achieve Optimum Results.

Remember the Four Components for a Healthy Lifestyle are:

A Healthy Diet
Cardiovascular Training
Weight Bearing Exercise

And All Four Are Necessary.

I offer Body Definition for
Weight Bearing Exercise and
Cardiovascular Training…
Certified Personal Trainer

Yoga for Flexibility…Stress relief, pain relief, strengthening and so much more.
Certified in Yoga and Pilates.

Nutritional Help…
Certified in Sports Nutrition

Try these tips and you’ll get the Most from your Workouts Every Time. Remember, it isn’t just about exercising harder or longer, it’s about Exercising Smarter To Change Your Body For The Better!
Or should I say, To Change Your Body To Be Its Absolute Best!

This is an example of the weekly Health Newsletter that I email. If you are interested in receiving it on a weekly basis, or if you would like a schedule of classes offered or would like to schedule a private session, please contact me at or call the number below.
If I am with a client, please leave a message and I will return your call.

Stay Healthy and Fit,

Kay Morton

Kay Morton-Exercise and Yoga Studio
377 Parkway
Gatlinburg, Tn., 37738
Certifications - AAAI/ISMA
American Aerobics Association International
International Sports Medicine Association

Personal Trainer
Sports Nutrition
Body Definition
Yoga, Adults
Yoga, Children
Pilates, Adults

Kay Morton, Certified, Yoga, Pilates, Teacher. Adults/Children...Private and Group Sessions...Beginner to Advanced....Restorative to Power...

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Privates can be scheduled any time available.

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