Transport Training Group

1126 Phillips Rd
White Pine TN  37890

Phone: (865) 674-8800

Transport Training Group

The professional instructors at TRANSPORT TRAINING GROUP have many years of experience in the trucking industry; training drivers, as well as driving. TRANSPORT TRAINING GROUP is proud of our qualified professional staff.

We are authorized by the "Tennessee Higher Education Commission". This authorization must be renewed each year and based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of education, ethical and business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility.

The trucking industry is a vital part of our nation's economy. Almost everything Americans need travels by truck, and each one of these trucks must have a driver. Professional Drivers are, and will continue to be extremely important to the industry and commerce in the USA.


Classroom Introduction:

Prepares the student, through theroy, for the more rigorous training in the skill area and over-the-road driving training. The following subjects will be covered during the classroom training.

Vehicle familiarization
Basic Controls
Visual search
Emergency procedures
Extreme driving conditions
Fire fighting
Cargo documentations
Trip planning
Space management
Employer elations/interview
Regulation compliance
Speed management
Drug awareness
Familiarization with the Federal Motor Carrier Safty Regulations
Driver's daily log and/or hours of service requirements

Skill Area Training:

Is designed to develop the skills necessary to enable the student to safely maneuver a tractor-trailer unit. The skill area will include the following:

Alley docking
90 degree docking
Backing between trailers
Sliding tandems and fifth wheel
Parallel parking
Pre-trip inspection
Straight backing
Familiarization with CDL skill test
Blindside backing

Over-The-Road Instruction:

Will prepare the student, upon graduation, to perform effectively as an entry level driver. The student will be trained to drive in different traffic situations over various terrains and with varied vehicle lengths and weights. In addition to open road training, the student will have the opportunity to maneuver the vehicle through large and small cities and towns to ensure that the student becomes familiar with all types of traffic. In over-the-road training, the student will have the opportunity to put into practice pre-trip inspection, driver's daily log, coupling/uncoupling procedures, circle of safety, and all other areas of training which he/she has received.

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A LEADER in CDL Training since 1992 with over 3000 Students Trained and Placed...

It is our goal at TRANSPORT TRAINING GROUP to take a physically and mentally competent individual who has the desire to enter the trucking industry at an entry level and provide this individual with the necessary training to operate the equipment required

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Founded: Allan Shelton

Categories: Automotive, Driving School, School

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