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Taramazing Talent

Taramazing Talent Unlimited
Talent and Modeling: How we promote and develop our talent and models
Actors/Actresses- Finding work locally and nationally in live performances, T.V., Film, and commercials.
Models- Finding work locally and nationally by connecting our clients to our models for print ads, commercials, runway shows, etc.
Vocal Talent- Providing opportunities to voice over commercials.
Singers/Musicians- Helping find work locally and nationally for live performances, planning performances and shows. We provide studio time to record demos to send out to labels and performance venues.
Dancers- Helping dancers and choreographers find work locally and nationally in live performances, music videos, principal and back up dancers for concerts and shows.

What we offer our talent and models
If signed, we provide a professional resume if needed as well as professional headshots for our website and promotional materials. We do not charge a fee to be signed with us, we provide the resume and basic headshot session to those whom we select to represent our business. We take a commission when our talent and models get work.

Taramazing University
Whether you are just starting out in the business with little or no experience, or you have worked in the industry for years, it is always a great idea to brush up on your craft. Taramazing offers workshops and classes throughout the year open to all, not only those we promote and manage. We get teachers and instructors from the industry to do our professional workshops. A few examples of workshops and classes we will be offering are:
• Audition Techniques
• Acting Classes
• Vocal Lessons
• Make up and Hair for stage, film, tv, and fashion
• Interview Techniques
• Dance master classes
• Modeling for Runway, Print, and spokes models
• More to be added!

Our Products
• Studio time in our recording studio for Demos including copies on CDs with professionally designed covers
• Portfolios
• Press Packets
• Website
• Professional Video Reels
• Graphic Design; flyers, posters ,brochures, business cards, apparel, logos, album covers, and much more
• Commercial productions creating jingles, radio and tv commercials
• Professional Planning and promoting for your special event, performance, or show
• Professional Photos in studio and on location
We offer these products to all individuals, businesses and groups, not just those who are clients or our talent/models we promote.

Casting Calls and Interviews for those interested in signing
We are looking for talent and models of all ages. We do ask that each person come to the interview or casting call come prepared to demonstrate the area of talent they would like us to promote. For example, we want actors/actresses to come prepared with a 3-5 Minute Monologue, dancers will be asked to perform choreography taught by one of our staff members, singers come prepared with 3 songs… one up tempo, one ballad and one of your choice. If you already have professional headshots, resume, or videos, we ask that you bring those with you as well, but those are not requirements.
We do not sign everyone, but if you are not selected the first time around, we encourage you to keep in touch with us and come interview again. You may just not have been what we were looking for at that particular time. We sign a diverse group of people who we feel we can promote and manage. We are looking for a wide variety of ages, races, and talent.

Talent Agency, Recording Studio, Talent Workshops,advertising and promotions, videos/commercials, Dance and Cheer competitions, and much more!

To be represented by Taramazing, you must complete a form and provide a recent photo. We are accepting new talent. We do not charge to be represented by us, we don't get paid unless you find work. To book studio time, request a custom mix, or would lik

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Founded: Tara Beth, Aaron Haun

Categories: Advertising Agency, Arts & Entertainment, DJ, Music Production, Organization, Performing Arts Education

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