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Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley

Established in 1996, Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley is an authorized, full service Invisible Fence dealership serving Knoxville and Eastern TN. Our professionally trained staff is fully focused on protecting your pet with Invisible Fence systems. From installing your system, to training your pet with our exclusive Safe Dog® and Perfect Start® training to making sure you get the customer support when you need it, Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley is there to help. Whatever the breed, size or temperament of your pet, we can help protect him from danger while being free to play. With over 5000 plus satisfied local customers as well as support from neighborhood veterinarians, we'll work hard so you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe at home.

Recommendations from satisfied Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley customers:

I just want take a moment to compliment all three of the young men who have worked so diligently with me in getting my fence in place. Chris, Michael, and Tyler have been wonderful in both action and attitude. They have all been so kind and willing to work with me in getting your product to fit my individual situation. All of them have waded in our creek and taken my ideas and minor problem solving to heart and got everything working to our great satisfaction. You can be very proud of their professionalism – they represent your company very well. They deserve high praise from you as well as a happy customer.
August 2012

Dear Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley Team,

When our family and The Restoration House were nominated for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition we were confronted with many possibilities for the future. One of the things we never expected was the unbelievable impact the experience had on our ten year old Golden Retriever, Laila.

Laila has always been a wonderful dog but she has never been interested in our family when she’s outside. She is a born hunter. Since we have had our kids they had never really played with her in the yard because as soon as she would get outside her instincts would kick in. Laila would bolt after the first animal that moved and then we wouldn’t see her for a couple of hours when she was ready to come back inside.

Because of the incredible work of Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley, Laila is now a regular integral part of our family. She and our children have never been so happy. Laila now has plenty of room to run but also understands her boundaries, which reminds her to stick around our home. Now when she goes outside she doesn’t immediately runaway from you but is now interested in playing and hanging around all of us. The Invisible Fence Brand Doorman doggie door that works with her collar has also been a tremendous blessing. Not having to “take the dog” out has literally changed our lives. Our rhythm of life is smoother and we never have to worry about whether or not we have gotten home in time to prevent an accident. Also the security of the door locking and unlocking on its own when Laila is near gives us real piece of mind. Our experience with the team at Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley has been tremendous from beginning to end. You took everything into consideration, the process has been incredibly smooth from start to finish, and any problems we have had were taken care of quickly and with excellence.

There were many incredible blessings as a part of our Extreme Makeover experience, but we never imagined they would have so positively affected our relationship with our “best friend” Laila.

Thank you Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley, thank you!

Your friends,
The Watson Family
July 2012

I had interest in the Invisible Fence product for many years before I FINALLY made a decision to make the purchase. My husband and I could not imagine “shocking” our 8 pound Miniature Pinscher to stay in our yard. We would take our dog out to potty several times per day and after dark on a leash. The leash limited our dog to playing, rolling in the grass, lying in the sunshine, chasing butterflies and other things that dogs love to do. We adopted another dog, 9 pound shorty Jack Russell Terrier and then there were 2 dogs on leashes with limitations.

I met Tim Schoenfelder from Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley at a Home Show and convinced my husband to ask all of the questions that kept us from installing the product at our home. Will the product shock our dogs, how will it keep a Jack Russell Terrier of all breeds inside a contained area, can I design the fence to the needs of not only my dogs but to our family? How can I keep my dogs from the driveway while allowing them their freedom and not be injured or killed by a car? How do I keep my dogs on or off our dock and out of the water since we live on the lake? How do I train them? What if the batteries run out and when will I know it? All of these questions were answered with what we needed to know to make one of the best decisions of our pet’s life and ours. The collars will not hurt the dogs as I had thought and there was a 100% containment guarantee along with fresh batteries delivered to your door every 3 months, I can design the fence any way I desired keeping them safe from the driveway and the lake and the best part was Invisible Fence assigns a trainer to your home for you and your pet! The next test was to actually hold the collar in our hands and turn up the “juice” to know what our pets would experience. From the sound to the low level static correction, it seemed very humane and convinced me and my husband that this was a great choice for us. The Invisible Fence team arrived within a few days to install and sent their trainer to my house to get started. Within a short time, my Miniature Pinscher and my Shorty Jack Russell was contained, safe and happy! They could run, play, lie in the sun, and I could sit in an easy chair and laugh while they enjoyed their new freedom.

As a former board member of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, I highly recommend this product. Since we added Invisible Fence, I have purchased several of their other products to add more freedom to our dogs. The Elite Little Dog Trainer allows my dogs to walk without leashes, stop barking at the neighbors, come to door when it is time to be inside, and other little annoying habits that a dog can create.Speak with Tim and his team to learn more about Invisible Fence. I am so glad I did. Thanks Tim!!!

November 2012

On Friday, November 25th, Mr Chris Jone came to our home. He was a pleasure to meet and work with and represents your firm well. I know how difficult it is to find and keep good people. Chris is a real keeper!
November, 2011

More smiles & wagging tails...less anxiety.

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