Learning Dynamics, LLC

130 Mabry Hood Road, NW Suite 103
Knoxville TN  23922

Phone: (865) 257-3384

Learning  Dynamics, LLC

Learning Dynamics, LLC helps all students gain stronger cognitive processing abilities to experience greater success in learning and life.

What are the dynamics of learning? Strong mental processing (cognitive) skills!
When these skills are underdeveloped, students struggle to learn even with the best instruction, methods and curriculum. When cognitive skills are strengthened, learning can occur naturally with ease without modifications or accommodations.

Cognitive skills include auditory processing, visual processing, attention, logic and reasoning, speed of processing, memory, comprehension, visual-spatial orientation, directionality and motor-coordination. By evaluating these underlying mental skills, it is possible for us to determine the causes of reading and math disabilities.
Does your student experience any of the following struggles with schoolwork?

Loses Place often
Incomplete Work
Has difficulty with math facts
Has difficulty skip counting
Counts backwards more slowly than forwards
Has difficulty spelling phonetically
Has poor coordination
Reading is slow or choppy
Skips words and lines
Omits, adds or substitutes letters or words
Has difficulty remembering
Low grades
Messy handwriting
Difficulty writing sentences
Careless mistakes
Takes a long time to complete tasks
Avoids prolonged mental effort
Speech difficulties
Asks to have things repeated
Is easily distracted

Learning Dynamics, LLC offers professional insight to develop a comprehensive, individualized plan to get you working on level this year in reading and math. Our students make an average 2 years gain in at least two cognitive skill areas, often exceeding age level.

Call for a free consultation and assessment to see if we can make a difference for you or someone you love.

Financial aid and scholarships available for those in need!

When tutoring is not enough . . . we identify and address underlying causes of reading and math disabilities.

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